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    BME Special Effects

    Dancing on the clouds, literally.

    Imagine a low lying cloud hovering 12-18 inches above the ground during your first dance creating the magical illusion of “Dancing on the Clouds”. This effect dissipates as fast as it appears, and it’s safe for guests of all ages. 

    Fairytale Snow Effect

    Perfect for a Winter wedding or even Christmas in July! You can create your own fairytale first dance with our Snow Effect. Our Professional snow machine is safe and will not leave any residue on your dance floor or clothes.

    *Requires 12ft Ceiling*

    Firework Projection Display, Inside or out.

    This makes your first dance or last dance even more  amazing! It really creates a moment paired with the right music and lighting. * The taller the room the better, must be at least 12′ ceiling ht.

    CO2 Blast

    Bring the club to you! A very cool effect for your dance floor, and the guests love it.

    Indoor Sparkler Fountain

    Have an epic grand entrance or a captivating 1st dance with our 100% safe indoor sparkler fountain which could be fired multiple times throughout the night.

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    “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

    ~Mignon McLaughlin~ 

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    Special Effects for Weddings

    Special wedding moments can be accentuated by the use of special effects. Learn the top six lighting and effects adding the “wow factor” to weddings all over the world!

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