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Check out the different unique ways you can have your name in lights with our next levelmonograms.

Instead of the same old school gobo lights that DJs have been using since the 80’s, we utilize top of the line HD projectors for our monograms. These projectors read digital jpegs files, allowing us to custom make every monogram! We can add color, pictures, shapes, virtually anything you’ve ever dreamed of can be done. And let’s not forget how energy efficient the projectors are, eliminating the risk of blowing a breaker with those big old gobo lights!
Looking for a really unique monogram? Our design team can even make you an animated monogram that plays on a loop throughout the night!
Because of the super bright bulbs in our HD projectors, your monogram can be projected anywhere. Whether it be on the wall, ceiling or dance floor, we got you covered!

Below are a few Monogram Styles. We can customize, or use your design as well.